Residential Lighting Restoration Services

Our chandelier, wall sconce, and lamp restoration include the following.

• Rewiring of fixture
• Refinishing the metal, including polishing, antiquing, faux finishing, and matching existing finishes, etc.
• Silver welding of broken parts
• Rew-casting missing parts
• Shaping bent arms, chandelier frames, etc
• Attaching any back plates to wall sconces
• Supplying antique ceiling caps and chain appropriate to the age, style, and finish of the fixture
• Replacing crystal parts
• Replacing crystal pendants
• Hand pinning the crystal in the same manner as the existing crystals
• Re-Pinning the complete fixture
• Resetting glass arms, murano arms, leaves, scrolls
• All electrical work completed to C.S.A Standards.
• Surface wiring

Our extensive collection focuses on the exclusive Murano glass making industry with connection to the best foundries in Murano, Italy.